QPIT customer servicedesk


Support services


You can contact the QPIT BV servicedesk for al you questions, requests, comments and new releases. We will record, handle and resolve your case and inform you on the progress. These support services are part of your customer support contract. You can contact our servicedesk on the support portal with a customer login account, by e-mail and by phone.


Support case by e-mail


Click on the following link for a support request by e-mail


You case is registered and you will receive an automated e-mail response with you case number. Please reply on this mail when you want to update your case information...


Support portal case


If you have received a service account, you can login and register a support call yourself. Please click on the following link: https://servicedesk.quism.eu


You will receive a confirmation and a case registration number. You can also view and update the status of your case or add additional information. Our servicedesk is informed automatically of your new support call and updates on existing cases.


You can request your personal service account by e-mail. Please use the support case by e-mail link above to place your request...


Support call by phone


You can also contact our servicedesk by phone during office hours and on working days from 9:00 to 17:00 CET Please dial: +3110 243 93 73